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Administrative Level – applying for benefits (We represent clients at all administrative levels nationwide)

When applying for Disability benefits, people typically have two questions:  (1) At what point should they hire an attorney and (2) can I hire an attorney outside of my state?   The Social Security Disability / SSI application is a federal application process.  As such, as long as your representative is permitted to practice before the Social Security Administration, you can hire a representative from anywhere you want.   Even though we are based in Florida, we have representative clients in their Social Security Disability cases throughout the US including New Mexico, Arizona, Georgia, Colorado, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee.  If you are interested in knowing if we can represent you in your state, please fill out the free claim evaluation.

United States District Court (We represent clients in the United States District Court in the Northern, Middle and Southern District of Florida)

After spending years in the administrative process, you may finally get a decision from the Appeals Council ‘Denying your request for administrative review’.   Your next option may be filing a ‘Civil Action’ in the United States District Court.  However, you may not know whether this is the best option for you.  In addition, you may not know what steps you have to follow to properly file and defend your case.  If you are located in Florida, we may be able to help you.  Attorney Reeves is admitted to the US District Courts (Northern District, Middle District, Southern District) in Florida.   If you are looking for representation, please fill out the free claim evaluation and fax a copy of your Appeals Council Denial and the decision from the Administrative Law Judge.   Please remember, you have 60 days from the date of the Appeals Council denial to file a civil action so don’t delay!

Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals (We represent clients in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals)

If you have received a decision from the United States District Court that affirms the decision of the ALJ, you may feel your options are severely limited.  At this point, you may consider appealing your case further.  If you do, the next level of Appeal is the “11th Circuit Court of Appeal”.  Please understand these cases are extremely difficult to win.  As such, if you are interested in representation, please fill out the free claim evaluation, fax a copy of the US District Court decision, and a copy of the ALJ decision.  In addition, be prepared to share your medical records.  All of these items are necessary in order to complete a review.

Administrative Level – Cessation cases (we represent clients at all administrative levels nationwide)

Social Security Administration will routinely review your case to determine if you are still disabled.   Finding a representative may be difficult to help you fight to keep your benefits.  Our office represents individuals who are trying to keep from losing their benefits.   If you are interested in our representation, please complete the free claim evaluation.  Please make sure you specify whether you are keeping your benefits while you go through the disability process.

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