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Taking a complicated disability process and making it simple for you!

Every day, millions of people find themselves in the tough position of being unable to work due to a physical or mental impairment. These impairments make it difficult to not only work but also participate in basic functions of life like cleaning, cooking, or shopping. As such, these people are trying to not only survive but figure out how they are going to sustain their livelihood until they get better. Unfortunately, the only option for most people is applying for Social Security Disability benefits.

Most people are proud. They have been taught and raised to stand on their own two feet in order to survive. So the thought of applying for what some believe are ‘handouts’ may be a bit overwhelming. What is even more overwhelming is the process after you apply. The government has attempted to make it easy for individuals to simply go through the process.  However, the fact remains that applying for Disability is neither easy nor simple. Paperwork, doctor’s appointments, forms, medical records and the entire administrative process doesn’t make it easy for someone who wants one simple question answered: “Why can’t someone help me?”

Following the ‘knowledge is power’ principle, I have strived to answer that very simple question by committing myself to one core philosophy:“Taking a complicated disability process and making it simple for you.”

Our Central Florida Social Security Disability Law Firm follows three simple points to support this philosophy under our “C.A.S.” System:

“Complicated is not that complicated – making the complicated Uncomplicated”

In my 10+ years of handling Social Security Disability cases, I have learned most people aren’t frustrated at the process. They are frustrated because they don’t understand the process. Sometimes, people want to know why they have to go one of Social Security’s doctors or why it takes so long to get a hearing or why they were asked a question in court. Sometimes, people want to know what impact working or unemployment benefits or getting help from family / friends will have on their case. We answer those questions every day and, also, arm people will the knowledge of other things as well.

“Access – people want to know the representative knows what they are doing and is willing to be accessible to them ”In this day and age, people are bombarded with ads, flyers, and e-mails about people who stress they can represent them. However, you don’t really get to know them. I have provided over 4years worth of blogs and responded to countless comments regarding Social Security Disability. My “Q&A: Social Security Disability Today” YouTube show gives people WEEKLY opportunities to ask as many questions about whatever topics they want to know about their case. Whether it through blogs or youtube videos or e-mail or our direct client interaction software, our office is committed to giving people the information they need to have a better understanding of the ‘hurdles’ they face navigating through the process.

“Simple – your problem is now MY problem”

The best part of my ‘Taking a complicated process and making it simple’ philosophy is helping people understand one simple but crucial point: “You are not alone”! From Florida to New Mexico to Colorado to Wisconsin to Pennsylvania, if you trust me enough to represent you on your case, trust me enough to know I will be there to keep you from falling. From the administrative process to the United States Supreme Court, if I believe your case has a fighting chance, all I ask is to be given the chance to fight it!

Central Florida Social Security Disability Law Firm here to help you!

No one ever plans to be in a position where they have to make life altering decisions regarding their livelihood and wellbeing. And you shouldn’t have to do it alone. With all of the stresses of a major life change, don’t let the Disability process be a burden you have to carry when we can lighten your load.

The answer is clear:

“We want to help you navigate through the complicated disability process and help make it simple to understand and experience for you.”

About Anthony Reeves

anthonyAnthony has built an extensive practice representing disabled individuals in obtaining their disability benefits from the Social Security Administration. Since 2001, Anthony has assisted hundreds of clients, both children and adults, in obtaining their Social Security Disability benefits through the administrative process which included the Local District Office, Hearing office, and the Appeals Council. Anthony has filed and won several law suits against the Commissioner of Social Security Administration in the United States District Courts in Florida. In addition, Anthony has appealed law suits to the United States Circuit Court of Appeal (11th Circuit) and the United States Supreme Court.

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